Malta Interior Design Concepts

For the past twenty-five years, Antoinette Busuttil has excelled in creating unique Interior Design Concepts, bringing to life wonderful interior designs that have transformed houses into warm, loving homes and bare structures into magnificent offices, retail outlets, shops, restaurants the list is endless.

Antoinette's passion and dedication inspire her distinctive interior design and decoration, focusing on functional interior design tailored to clients' needs and tastes. Antoinette is renowned for her impeccably detailed and stylish interiors and her ability to create a unique appearance for each of her clients.

Antoinette is truly versatile in her work and has carried out various projects ranging from home design to contract design, from farmhouses to ultramodern apartments. Mixing new with the old is a favourite with Antoinette, and she has created striking and unique interiors, where even antique pieces of furniture find their place in modern surroundings.

Everybody deserves to live and work in an exceptional yet comfortable environment. Contact Art & Design today and let us change your existence.